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Sanford Law Office is uniquely positioned to help clients operate and thrive in North Carolina and the southeast during this period of growth, transition and financial challenge. Electricity providers stand in the intersection where the imperative for efficiency, the growth of renewable technology, the need for new generation, and the cost impact of carbon all meet. Communications providers—though increasingly disciplined by competitive markets rather than economic regulators—remain engaged with utilities commissions and legislatures as they transition to the networks of the future. Water utilities grapple along with their multiple regulators—environmental and economic—to meet the challenges of investment, consolidation, rates and supply. The urgency of timely, workable solutions to industry issues is driven both by North Carolina’s surging population and by the immediate need to fund and deploy the critical and essential infrastructure that regulated industries provide. Sanford’s work ranges from representation of regulated utilities in rate cases to facilitation of group efforts among parties with divergent interests. She understands the value of aligning with partners, and she combines advocacy, negotiation and collaboration in support of her clients’ goals.

Clients have included:

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